Elder Law

Elder Law


As the medical and personal needs of an aging parent begin to change, children often find themselves in a difficult position. While they would like to provide as much help to their parent as they possibly can, they are often just as overwhelmed by the circumstances. Watching a loved one age can become a difficult personal struggle. Having to coordinate care for your loved one’s changing needs adds to the stress. If this is the situation you find yourself in, you should know that you are not alone.


The first step in helping your parent transition is to help them understand specifically why you are concerned. You can use your parent’s own personal experiences with aging parents, spouses, siblings and friends to aid in this discussion about the inevitable changes that accompany aging. In our experience, most elderly clients have two universal fears – they do not want to lose their independence and they do not want to become a burden to their family and friends. When a person understands his or her own changing medical and personal needs though, it actually empowers them to lift much of the burden off of their family and absolves their own worries and anxieties by allowing them to take responsibility for their own present needs.


Because people are now living longer, they need to deal with a growing number of issues relating to their care. The attorneys at Bodycombe & Associates can help you and your loved one work through these issues as they arise:

Planning: From powers of attorney for health care or finances, to Medicaid planning, long-term care insurance and special needs trusts, we can help you be sure that as you age, your affairs remain in order and are provided for.

Execution: We assist seniors and their family members to handle assets and personal issues, while ensuring that the daily living and healthcare needs of the elder individual or other dependent adult are being met.

Litigation: If there are concerns about estate mismanagement, manipulation, or undue influence, we can work with appropriate family members to protect the estate.

Guardianships and Conservatorships: Where planning was not done, we can assist with other legal arrangements such as a guardianship to care for minors, elders and persons with mental or physical disabilities.

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